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Put a Fence around your Herd

Herding cats is hard work. Just ask any of the ranch hands in the award-winning EDS ad made back in 2001. The slippery felines gave them all they could handle and more. Proud, independent and stubborn, every cat wanted to make its own way whether the ranch hands wanted it to or not. Does it sometimes feel like keeping your customers happy is a lot like cat herding?

A key recommendation by Dan S. Kennedy, the marketing expert, is to build a fence around your cats (customers) to keep out poachers and to prevent them from going off on their own. Just because your customer has made a purchase from you in the past doesn't mean he or she is your customer forever. It's important to try to offer your clients extra products and services -- extra value -- that will keep them coming back to you.


Watch for the JoomFuse launch!


Joomla + Infusionsoft = WOW!

Our brand new product to integrate Joomla and Infusionsoft is out of beta testing and launching really soon so watch for more information.

If you have a Joomla website (or if you need more functionality than WordPress provides) and you want to offer a membership component that integrates with Infusionsoft, slick and smooth, keep an eye out here and check back next week for more details!