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Happy Easter! How will you celebrate?

Happy Easter! How will you celebrate?

Easter is celebrated in various ways in the United States, combining cultural and religious traditions. It is a significant and holy celebration in Christianity, commemorating the resurrection of Christ. While Christians mainly celebrate Easter in church, it has become a widely celebrated holiday by people of all faiths in America, taking on a more secular tone.

This holiday takes place on the first Sunday following the first full moon of spring, which can happen anywhere from late March to mid-April. In 2024, Easter will be observed on Sunday, March 31.

Easter Traditions: What Do People Do?

Easter celebrations encompass a vibrant array of activities, including colored eggs, the Easter bunny, new outfits, flowers, presents, and Easter sales. Here are other ways people celebrate Easter:

Egg Hunting. This fun activity involves decorating Easter eggs and hiding them in the garden for children to hunt and discover.

Egg Painting. Bring out your egg coloring kits and have fun painting eggs. Express your inner artist using various types of paint, such as acrylics, spray paint, watercolors, or even food dyes.

Easter Basket. Another Easter Day tradition is the giving of Easter baskets. The tradition dates back to Anglo-Saxon folklore. The baskets are usually filled with sweets and treats and are often given as gifts to children.

Church Visit. Families gather early in the morning, dress in festive springtime attire, and attend church together. Following the service, many participate in a large Easter brunch.

Get your family and friends together this Easter to enjoy these activities and more!